My name is Tom O’Neill. I am the great nephew of Chief Francis O’Neill. Because of the death of all of Francis’ sons and the lack of male heirs in the family lines of his brothers I am, along with my son and my cousin Phillip O’Neill who lives in Oxford, England, the last carrier of the O’Neill name from the O’Neill’s of Tralibane and Bantry, Ireland. Recent research by my cousin and myself has uncovered the incredible story of Francis O’Neill and linked us to the community of Francis’s admirers in Tralibane and Bantry. This group puts on the Chief Francis O’Neill Traditional Irish Music Festival each year in Bantry and it is this festival on which we have patterned our Tiburon festival. Most of the pictures below are ones that I took while attending the Bantry event in 2013. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy our adventure with the incredible Chief Francis O’Neill.

For almost 70 years the legacy of Chief Francis O’Neill lay dormant and almost forgotten.
Since his passing in 1936 many world events took place to take up people’s attention. Then in the 1990’s, a woman in Tralibane, Ireland, named Catherin Mulhull, knew the history of Francis and upon hearing that the Irish government? was looking for notable events to celebrate Irish history, submitted a grant request for funds to build a memorial to Chief Francis. The grant was approved and the monument was built in 2000. In 2013, the 1st Annual Chief Francis O’Neill Traditional Irish Music Festival took place. The following pictures are of the Tralibane house and school where Francis grew up, pictures of the monument and of the Tralibane area and pictures of musicians playing at the festival.
To see pictures of the recent festival held in Tiburon on February 28, 2015 scroll down to the heading,
2015 Chief Francis O’Neill Irish Music Festival in Tiburon
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